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Points for Prizes® Rules



  • General Provisions

    1. The Points for Prizes® Rules are comprised of (1) the statues of Maine pertaining to the Maine Lottery; (2) the Maine Lottery Rules and; (3) the Points for Prizes® Rules. Each numbered item cited above shall have equal weight unless there is an inconsistency between or among the documents, in which case the document listed first shall be controlling.
    2. The Maine Lottery and its designated agents Scientific Games International, Inc. (SGI) and MDI Entertainment, LLC (MDI), a subsidiary of SGI, will operate the Points for Prizes® program under the provisions provided in this document.
    3. By submitting an entry to earn Points for Prizes® points, an entrant is bound by the Points for Prizes® Rules.
    4. The Maine Lottery may use, without limitation, an entrant's name, hometown, likeness, and/or voice in any promotions, research, marketing, publications, or other advertising media including, but not limited to, Maine Lottery websites without compensation or additional release.
    5. The Maine Lottery reserves the right to use the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all entrants for research and marketing purposes.
    6. These rules may be amended at the Maine Lottery's discretion.
  • Eligibility

    1. An entrant must be at least eighteen (18) years old to participate.
    2. The Maine Lottery reserves the right to discontinue eligibility of any game(s).
    3. An eligible entry is an eligible winning or non-winning Lottery Draw/Terminal generated ticket, or any non-winning ticket from any Maine Lottery instant game that is listed on the eligible games list. Instant tickets that win an instant prize are not eligible for Points for Prizes® and will be rejected by the entry system.
    4. The Maine Lottery reserves the right to inactivate any account for inactivity and will attempt to provide advance notice prior to disabling the account.
  • Player Registration

    1. To access Points for Prizes®, a player must first register for an account through (the Website).
    2. Registration is a one-time process. Once registered, a player will be able to log in to submit an entry or participate in other services that may be provided from time to time.
    3. Required sections on the player registration form include age verification, unique email address and password, contact information, and the last 4 digits of the player's Social Security Number and have a valid U.S. address in order to register and participate.
    4. Failure to fully provide required information will cause a player's request to register to be rejected or limit the player's benefits of membership.
    5. Failure to provide accurate information could cause a player whose entry is selected as a Prize/Drawing winner to be disqualified. A player shall be considered ineligible and the player's account will be closed if the Maine Lottery determines that a player does not meet all player eligibility requirements or provided false information.
    6. The Maine Lottery, SGI, and MDI assume no responsibility for incorrect information provided by a player on the registration form. After completing the registration, a player is responsible for updating account information as needed by logging in and going to his or her account page.
    7. A player may have no more than one (1) account. A player is not permitted to create additional accounts in the event that his or her email or other relevant information changes. The player may log in with his or her existing account credentials and make any desired changes at any time.
    8. A player may cancel his or her account at any time by logging in and clicking on the "Cancel Account" option at the bottom of the page.
  • Points for Prizes® Points

    1. Players earn Points for Prizes® points for eligible tickets entered through the Website.
    2. Points are non-monetary numerical values assigned to eligible tickets that are added to a player's account in exchange for submitting the ticket information on the Website.
    3. A non-winning ticket has no cash value. The Points for Prizes® program is a reward or affinity program which provides points for each eligible entry. Cash shall not be awarded in lieu of a merchandise prize.
    4. Each eligible ticket has a point value based on a range of values assigned by the Maine Lottery.
    5. Point value will be revealed to the player on the Website upon successful submission of each valid ticket.
    6. Points are not transferable. Point balances from more than one (1) account will not be combined.
    7. Points shall be valid only for Maine Lottery-approved activities associated with the Points for Prizes® program.
  • Point Expiration

    1. The Maine Lottery reserves the right to establish, change, or modify a points' expiration rule at its own discretion at any time.
    2. The Maine Lottery may attempt to notify players by email in advance of the expiration of a player's points. The Maine Lottery will not be responsible for a failure to provide notice of the expiration of points.
    3. Points accumulated in any disabled account will be expired and voided and may no longer be used.
    4. The Maine Lottery reserves the right to restore expired points for convenient or necessary business purposes.
  • Point Accumulation Caps

    1. The number of points a player may accumulate during a calendar month is five-thousand (5000) Points. Once the member reaches 5000 points, tickets may still be entered for promotions but they will not receive points.
    2. The cycle resets on the first day of each month.
    3. The Maine Lottery reserves the right to amend these limitations at any time.
  • Entering Tickets

    1. Eligible tickets must be entered on the Website to receive points.
    2. Once logged in, a player submits a ticket according to the instructions on the Enter Tickets page of the Website. Required entry information from the ticket includes:

      Scratch-Off/Instant Tickets

      • The Ticket Number, which is located on the back of each ticket above the barcode. The Ticket Number contains thirteen (13) digits separated by dashes in the form XXX-XXXXXX-X-XXX.
      • The Entry Number, located on the front of the ticket underneath the scratch-off covering. The Entry Number contains twelve (12) digits. A three-digit number in a box underneath the scratch-off covering is not used for entry.

      Lottery Draw/Terminal Generated Tickets

      All Lottery terminal game Tickets deemed eligible shall be printed with a 25-digit Rewards Entry Code ("Code").

      • The Code shall be displayed towards the top of eligible Tickets
      • The Code expires 364 days after the issue date on the Ticket

      Winning and non-winning unexpired Lottery terminal tickets deemed eligible may participate in the Reward program.

      • Lottery Draw/Terminal tickets are eligible to be entered the day after purchase, unless the Ticket has been cancelled.

      Tickets NOT deemed eligible to participate include:

      • Any Ticket with an expired code;
      • Any exchange ticket (an exchange ticket will not have a code since the code was on the original Ticket);
      • Any Ticket that has been cancelled;
  • Points for Prizes® Online Store

    1. Merchandise that can be ordered by using points will be listed on the Website in the Points for Prizes® Online Store.
    2. Points required for prize redemptions will vary. The number of points required to be redeemed for a particular prize shall be pre-determined by the Maine Lottery and be posted on the Website. The Maine Lottery may at its own discretion change the points required for redemption of any prize.
    3. The Maine Lottery may at its own discretion discontinue offering a prize at any time.
    4. The Maine Lottery may credit a player's account at its own discretion.
    5. If a prize is not readily available to be awarded for any reason, the Maine Lottery reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to substitute another prize of similar value.
    6. Prizes are non-transferable and non-refundable unless otherwise authorized by the Maine Lottery.
    7. The awarding of all prizes is subject to eligibility verification.
  • Prize Selection

    1. A player must first log in using the email address and password associated with his or her Points for Prizes® account.
    2. To redeem points, a player must select the prize or prizes, designate the quantity of each prize requested, and click the appropriate button to submit the order.
    3. It is the player's responsibility to ensure that the appropriate prize and quantity are selected.
    4. Once the order has been submitted, points will be deducted from the player's Points for Prizes® account.
    5. Orders cannot be changed, canceled, or returned once placed, with the exception of defective merchandise
  • Points for Drawings®

    1. A player may use some or all of his or her points for entry into prize drawings.
    2. The Website will include a description of the item or product to be drawn, anticipated entry and draw dates, and point cost for each drawing entry. Draw dates are subject to change or modification as determined necessary by the Maine Lottery. The Maine Lottery will attempt to post all changes to scheduled drawing dates on the Website.
    3. Points redeemed for Points for Drawings® earn entry into the drawing. The odds of a player being selected to win the prize in each drawing depend upon the number of entries purchased by points from all players.
    4. The point cost of a drawing entry will be shown on the page for each drawing and may vary by drawing.
    5. To use points to purchase drawing entries, a player must select the drawing to enter on the Website, designate the quantity of entries, and submit the order.
    6. It is the player's responsibility to ensure that the appropriate drawing and quantity are selected.
    7. Once the entry order has been submitted, points will be deducted from the player's account.
    8. Points for Drawings® entries are eligible only for the drawing for which they were purchased. Unless specified otherwise on the drawing description, Points for Drawings® entries are eligible for one (1) drawing only.
    9. Unless otherwise specified on the Website, a player may win no more than one (1) prize in a Points for Drawings® drawing.
    10. Points for Drawings® entries cannot be canceled or returned for the point value of the entries.
    11. Players redeeming points for Points for Drawings® entries must do so within the state of Maine.
    12. The Maine Lottery or MDI shall attempt to contact each drawing winner by phone, by email using the winner's registered email address, or by registered mail.
    13. The winner's name and hometown will be listed on the Website.
    14. A Points for Drawings® winner assumes the risk of loss and is subject to disqualification if:
      1. The Maine Lottery or MDI is unable to contact the winner;
      2. Contact or attempted contact is not acknowledged in a timely manner as determined in the sole discretion of the Maine Lottery;
      3. Any other deadline or requirement in these rules or other applicable rules or procedures is not met; or
      4. A deadline or requirement that may become necessary is not met, whether or not that requirement or deadline is contained in these rules.
    15. Winners are subject to set off of certain debts. If a drawing winner fails to satisfy an outstanding debt within the time frame specified by the Maine Lottery, then the Maine Lottery may, at its sole discretion, disqualify the winner and the next alternate may become the winner.
    16. A decision to proceed to replace a winner with an alternate is within the sole discretion and judgment of the Maine Lottery. Once the decision to proceed with an alternate is made, the person who was previously selected as a winner is no longer entitled to a prize.
    17. The Maine Lottery will not exchange a Points for Drawings® prize for cash.
  • Miscellaneous

    1. Responsible Play is important to the Maine Lottery and players must understand that the Maine Lottery reserves the right to limit (1) the number of tickets any individual may enter during a given time period at any time and (2) the amount or number of points that may be accumulated during a given time period at any time.
    2. The Maine Lottery may credit a player's account in its sole discretion.
    3. The Maine Lottery offers no warrantees or guarantees of product quality or availability of prizes.
    4. The Maine Lottery shall not be responsible for any prizes lost, damaged, or stolen during shipment, pick-up, or use.
    5. The Maine Lottery shall not be responsible for injury or loss of life resulting from any prize awarded.
    6. If required, a player will receive a W-2G form for prizes.
    7. The prize winner is responsible for all applicable taxes.
    8. Players are solely responsible for maintaining and keeping account active, and information current or accurate. The Maine Lottery assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for technical or computer malfunctions or for player's failure to keep account information current.
    9. The Maine Lottery reserves the right to terminate the Points for Prizes® rewards program at its sole discretion. If the program is terminated the Maine Lottery will attempt to provide reasonable notice of such termination.
    10. By participating in Points for Prizes®, each player and his or her heirs, legal representatives, and assigns agree to indemnify, defend, release, and discharge the Maine Lottery, SGI, MDI, its employees, officers, and directors from and against any loss, claim, damage, suit, or injury arising out of or relating to the Points for Prizes® program or any action taken pursuant to these rules.
    11. By placing an order or claiming a drawing prize(s), each player and his or her heirs, legal representatives, and assigns agree to indemnify, defend, release, and discharge The Maine Lottery, SGI, MDI, their employees, officers, and directors from and against any loss, claim, damage, suit, or injury arising out of or relating to use of or participation in any or all Points for Prizes® store or drawing items.

Revised 04/13/2018