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Eligible Tickets

Below are the eligible games.

Ticket Game Number Ticket Price
Ticket 10X The Cash Game Number379 Ticket Price$2.00
Ticket Lucky For Life Game NumberLucky For Life Ticket Price-
Ticket Mega Millions Game NumberMega Millions Ticket Price-
Ticket Pick 3 Game NumberPick 3 Ticket Price-
Ticket Pick 4 Game NumberPick 4 Ticket Price-
Ticket Powerball Game NumberPowerball Ticket Price-
Ticket Gimme5 Game NumberGimme5 Ticket Price-
Ticket Megabucks Plus Game NumberMegabucks Plus Ticket Price-
Ticket World Poker Tour Game NumberWorld Poker Tour Ticket Price-
Ticket Lotto America Game NumberLotto America Ticket Price-
Ticket Fast Play Game NumberFast Play Ticket Price-
Ticket Fang-Tastic Fortune Game Number400 Ticket Price$2.00
Ticket 10X The Cash Game Number414 Ticket Price$2.00
Ticket Right On The Money Game Number420 Ticket Price$5.00
Ticket Bingo Game Number419 Ticket Price$3.00
Ticket 25X The Cash Game Number429 Ticket Price$10.00
Ticket $50,000,000 Cash Blowout Game Number430 Ticket Price$25.00
Ticket Winning Lineup Game Number452 Ticket Price$3.00
Ticket Bingo Plus Game Number459 Ticket Price$3.00
Ticket Triple It Game Number461 Ticket Price$1.00
Ticket $50 or $100 Game Number499 Ticket Price$10.00
Ticket Money Bag Doubler Game Number502 Ticket Price$2.00
Ticket Bonus Bucks Game Number509 Ticket Price$5.00
Ticket $100,000 Money Game Game Number527 Ticket Price$5.00
Ticket The Addams Family Fortune Game Number533 Ticket Price$2.00
Ticket Triple Play Game Number541 Ticket Price$2.00
Ticket Lucky ME! Game Number544 Ticket Price$2.00
Ticket $50,000 Payday Game Number526 Ticket Price$20.00
Ticket Double It! Game Number557 Ticket Price$2.00
Ticket $250,000 Jackpot Game Number554 Ticket Price$10.00
Ticket Ca$h Lines Game Number563 Ticket Price$3.00
Ticket Ca$hword Bonus Game Number565 Ticket Price$5.00
Ticket The Price is Right Game Number562 Ticket Price$10.00
Ticket Patriots Game Number564 Ticket Price$5.00
Ticket Maine Crossword Game Number575 Ticket Price$3.00
Ticket $250,000 Frenzy Game Number561 Ticket Price$10.00
Ticket 9's In A Line Game Number567 Ticket Price$1.00
Ticket Bingo Night Game Number569 Ticket Price$3.00
Ticket Holiday $100's Game Number574 Ticket Price$1.00
Ticket $100 or $250 Game Number579 Ticket Price$25.00
Ticket Living Lucky with Luke Combs Game Number578 Ticket Price$5.00
Ticket 5X The Cash Game Number582 Ticket Price$1.00
Ticket 20X The Cash Game Number583 Ticket Price$5.00
Ticket 50X The Cash Game Number584 Ticket Price$20.00
Ticket 10X The Cash Game Number585 Ticket Price$2.00
Ticket 25X The Cash Game Number586 Ticket Price$10.00
Ticket Fantastic 5's Game Number568 Ticket Price$2.00
Ticket $60,000 Ca$hword Game Number587 Ticket Price$5.00
Ticket Top Dollar Game Number570 Ticket Price$1.00
Ticket Cash Back Game Number581 Ticket Price$5.00
Ticket King of Cash Game Number588 Ticket Price$2.00
Ticket Wild Cash Game Number571 Ticket Price$2.00
Ticket Payday Multiplier Game Number590 Ticket Price$2.00
Ticket Deluxe Dollars Game Number591 Ticket Price$5.00
Ticket Baseball Bucks Game Number593 Ticket Price$2.00
Ticket Show ME $100,000 Game Number596 Ticket Price$5.00
Ticket Boost Your Bucks Game Number599 Ticket Price$3.00
Ticket Instant Millions Game Number601 Ticket Price$30.00
Ticket $50 or $100 Game Number603 Ticket Price$10.00
Ticket Multiplier Money Game Number605 Ticket Price$5.00
Ticket Money Maker Game Number566 Ticket Price$20.00
Ticket Wild Cherry Doubler Game Number594 Ticket Price$2.00
Ticket PictureME Game Number595 Ticket Price$3.00
Ticket JACKPOT PARTY® Game Number600 Ticket Price$5.00
Ticket $100 OR $250! Game Number607 Ticket Price$25.00
Ticket Cash Time! Game Number604 Ticket Price$1.00
Ticket Crossword Game Number611 Ticket Price$5.00
Ticket $250,000 Cash Stacks Game Number597 Ticket Price$10.00
Ticket Ultimate Dash Game Number592 Ticket Price$10.00
Ticket $50,000 Blast Game Number598 Ticket Price$20.00
Ticket Ca$h PluS Game Number610 Ticket Price$5.00
Ticket Lucky 13 Game Number612 Ticket Price$2.00
Ticket Doubling Red Bingo Game Number609 Ticket Price$3.00
Ticket Holiday $100s Game Number613 Ticket Price$1.00
Ticket Holiday $200s Game Number614 Ticket Price$2.00
Ticket Holiday $500s Game Number615 Ticket Price$5.00
Ticket Ca$h Payout Game Number606 Ticket Price$5.00
Ticket Pharaoh's Fortune Game Number618 Ticket Price$2.00
Ticket $50 or $100 Game Number620 Ticket Price$10.00
Ticket Tic Tac Toad Game Number589 Ticket Price$1.00
Ticket Bonus 5 Game Number619 Ticket Price$5.00
Ticket Feeling Lucky? Game Number621 Ticket Price$10.00
Ticket Super Crossword Game Number625 Ticket Price$5.00
Ticket Lots of Cash Game Number602 Ticket Price$5.00
Ticket 8 Game Number608 Ticket Price$2.00
Ticket $100 or $250 Game Number622 Ticket Price$25.00
Ticket Fast Bucks Game Number623 Ticket Price$1.00
Ticket Cash Blast Game Number624 Ticket Price$2.00
Ticket Find the 7s Game Number626 Ticket Price$2.00
Ticket Money Rush Game Number627 Ticket Price$5.00
Ticket High Roller Game Number617 Ticket Price$5.00
Ticket Multiplier Mania Game Number628 Ticket Price$2.00
Ticket Bee Bucks Game Number629 Ticket Price$3.00
Ticket Baseball Game Number631 Ticket Price$2.00
Ticket ELECTRIC CA$H Game Number639 Ticket Price$5.00
Ticket The Golden Spin Game Number633 Ticket Price$10.00
Ticket Triple Match Game Number637 Ticket Price$1.00
Ticket Lucky 7 Crossword Game Number640 Ticket Price$5.00
Ticket $1 Maine Lottery 50 Game Number634 Ticket Price$1.00
Ticket $2 Maine Lottery 50 Game Number635 Ticket Price$2.00
Ticket $5 Maine Lottery 50 Game Number636 Ticket Price$5.00
Ticket $50 OR $100 Game Number643 Ticket Price$10.00
Ticket CASH POP Game NumberCASH POP Ticket Price-